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  • Horiba ES-70 Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS Meter

Horiba ES-70 Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS Meter

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Detail Horiba ES-70 Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/Salinity/TDS Meter

Description :

The Horiba ES-71 is a portable conductivity/resistivity/salinity/TDS meter with PC/printer output that is uniquely suited for a number of different environmental applications. Equally at home in the field or in a laboratory, the ES-71 makes a complicated analysis of water quality conditions easy. With built-in connectivity to a PC or printer (via an RS232C cable), you can do more with your data, including printing it to a hard copy or downloading it for further analysis.

Legendary Horiba Quality

For over 60 years, Horiba has been researching, designing and developing the highest quality water analyzers and other environmental equipment. Horiba ES-71 meters represent a powerful, portable device for a number of different situations, including specialist use in research institutions where highly precise measurements are required, as well as in municipal and industrial equipment management, quality control at food and beverage processing plants and environmental/agricultural field work.

Sensitive Enough for the Laboratory but Built for Field Use

Take the ES-71 with you into even the most demanding field conditions – the unit has been designed to make operation easy and care-free. Weighing just 300 grams, the Horiba ES-71 analyzer is built to go anywhere. Both the unit itself and its powerful electrode sensor features a fully waterproof construction to IP-67 standards, meaning it can be submersed to a depth of one meter or more without incurring damage. With included self-diagnostic modes for battery voltage, temperature, calibration and LCD, you can have an intimate look at the health of your unit at any time.

Powered By Innovative Sensor Technology

Every Horiba analyzer includes cutting edge sensors which allow it to deliver precise readings in any condition. The E-71 analyzer features an electrode sensor for measuring conductivity, salinity and resistivity. The unit measures conductivity using the AC bipolar method in the following ranges: 000mS/m – 19.99S/m (cell constant 100m-1), 0.0μS/m – 1.999S/m (cell constant 10m-1), 0.00mS/m – 199.9S/m (cell constant 1000m-1). Resolution is constant at 0.05% FS, with a repeatability of ±0.5% FS.

Resistivity and salinity are calculated using conductivity conversion. Resistance readings fall within the following ranges: 5.00Ω•m ~ 199.9kΩ•m (cell constant 100m-1), 50.0Ω•m ~ 1.99MΩ•m (cell constant 10m-1) and 0.500Ω•m ~ 19.99kΩ•m (cell constant 1000m-1). Salinity calculations range between 0.00 ~ 4.00% with a resolution of 0.01%.


  • Revolutionary waterproof meter and electrodes enhance care-free operation in the lab or field.
  • Quick connection to PC allows easy and fast data evaluation.
  • Automatic data-logging function.
  • Self diagnostic function assures reliable measurement.
  • User-friendly features and portability with large LCD display.


  • The built-in data memory (1000 items)
  • Connecting to a computer allows measurement data to be collected.
  • Output to a GLP/GMP-compatible printer is possible.
  • Electrical resistivity/total dissolved solids/salt content conversion functions.
  • Automatic range switching, automatic temperature conversion, and unit switching functions
  • Interval measurement function
  • Sample ID No. setting function
  • Clock function and auto power-off function
  • Usable with AAA alkaline batteries, Ni-MH batteries, or adapter
  • IP67-compliant waterproof and dustproof sturcture
  • Conductivity cell (9382-10) comes as a tandard accesory
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