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  AKTIVITAS :  27/11/2019

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One of the updates made today to Garmin Connect was to make our “time” data fields more accurate and meaningful (and less confusing) by streamlining three time fields into two: Time and Elapsed Time. We removed “Moving Time” because of confusion we heard from many in the community, and we believe you’ll have a better experience when you use the Time data field and Auto Pause, setting your own thresholds for what qualifies as “moving” or not. Time is the actual time spent doing your activity – as defined by your Auto Pause choices and when you start and stop the timer throughout the activity. Elapsed Time equals the total time in the day that passed from the moment you began to the moment you finished it all up – including any breaks or time spent at stoplights. Here are two tutorial videos showing how to set up Auto Pause on an Edge and a Forerunner (the process is similar on other products in those families). Thanks again for all of your feedback, and we hope that this clarifies the different data fields and our hopes of making them easier to understand.
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